Tips on Exhibiting at TechXpo

TechXpo is not your typical tradeshow. First, the show is the main event—not just a spot to visit between workshops and other activities. Second, it is a hands-on show where all exhibitors are encouraged to bring demos and actual equipment. Make your booth interactive and watch your booth traffic increase.

Participating in TechXpo can help you:

  • generate leads
  • build sales
  • gather information about customers’ and prospects’ needs
  • strengthen your company’s name recognition
  • reinforce relationships with your current customers

Start with your exhibit space—your booth. Make it bright and open. The show floor has very good lighting, but you may want to add accent lighting to your space. Have your product onsite and show attendees how it works. If you offer a service, set up a demo. Show a video or DVD of current customers explaining how you helped them in their banks.

Handing out a brochure or similar literature is a good idea, but remember that attendees will be collecting a lot of information. It might work better to collect a business card and send an information packet a week or two after the show. Attendees won’t have to carry everything with them during the show and mailing or emailing items later gives you another opportunity to interact with the attendee.

Work with your booth staff to help them understand the fine art of working a show booth. They should be welcoming and friendly, greet people, and ask if they would like to learn more about your products or services. If they decline, offer them your brochure or your giveaway item—you’ve just put your company name in front of a prospective customer.

It’s also a good idea to offer a prize drawing opportunity. Collect business cards and at the end of the show, draw out the winner. You’ll want to send them the prize. Better yet, deliver it in person.

Some attendees will come to TechXpo with a list of exhibitors they MUST see. They will want to talk at length about your product or service. Be sure you have at least two people in your booth so that one person is available for in-depth conversations or to staff your demonstration while the other person handles the attendees who would rather ask a couple of questions and move on.

If you send a pre-show mailing that invites attendees to come to your booth to receive a free gift, be sure you have staff to handle that as well as answer questions from prospective customers. At a previous TechXpo, one company was overwhelmed by the response to their pre-mailing. Both of their representatives were needed each morning to distribute the free gifts, leaving no one to answer questions about their services.

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